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DNS for Developers

Tap into the DNS API to securely and reliably manage Web traffic, seamlessly from your custom application or control panel. Our remotely accessible API offers a platform for developers to rapidly deploy 3rd party integrations and automate reseller processes.

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The latest DNS API documentation and SDK is always available for download from GitHub

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DNS developed an easy-to-implement API using simple query string arguments for requests and a standardized JSON response for each command. All error messages are returned with a proper HTTP response code and JSON response to correlate with errors. Production API requires SSL for client security and trust of communications. The development of 3rd party integrations is possible through a standalone sandbox/testing environment that is segmented from the production environment.

Access our API Documentation on GitHub: http://github.com/dnsdotcom/API_DOC/

If you have developed a custom integration and would like to become a reseller, please contact us or visit our Reseller page for more information.