DNS reseller

Expand on your existing add-on revenue
stream by leveraging and incorporating
Comodo's secure DNS product.

Deploy Your Own Global White Label DNS Network

This is no ordinary reseller program. With NO deposits, no setup fees, and no per account fees, DNSbyComodo.com's white label DNS reseller program makes it possible to seamlessly integrate Premium DNS with your own system for one flat low monthly fee. Migrate customers to your own white label commercial-grade service where you set the price and reap the benefits, with an ongoing opportunity to capture recurring product sales.

Manage domains on behalf of your customers through our web based console, or fully integrate the DNSbyComodo.com API into your existing control panel for a truly seamless white label solution. By integrating your online ordering process with our API, you can sell DNS to new customers switching from third party providers—all without ever leaving your site.

Take advantage of our cost-effective pricing and share the benefits of Comodo Premium DNS with your own customers. Pay as you go with no startup costs, no more servers to maintain, and no surprises. It's what makes DNSbyComodo.com unlike any other DNS provider.

Our reseller plans are tailored to your individual business needs. Contact us for a quote and we will find a volume size to fit your website and budget.


Webhosts and Domain Name Registrar's - Include Comodo's Premium
DNS as a value add product for your customers.

  • Features:
  • API's
  • Easy Control Panel
  • Host Management
  • Web Forwarding
  • Zone Transfers
  • Round Robin
  • Wildcard
  • Low TTLS
  • Advanced reporting
  • vanity name sercice
  • geo-directional DNS
  • 24/7 support
  • SLA
  • anycast
  • global nodes
  • instant updates
  • CPanel Plugin
  • IPV 6
  • non-hyphen BIND
  • instant scalability
  • cloud-based
  • DNSSEC Launching in 2014
  • Domain Groups
  • Geo-Directional DNS
  • Low Pricing
  • AnyCast
  • 24/7 DDOS Protection


As an SSL certificate leader Comodo leverages it's deep PKI experience to provide partners with the ability to resell a premium DNS which includes DNSSEC. Your customers are paying 3rd party DNS providers for the added reliability, security, performance gains, and flexibility offered by a premium DNS.

Comodo's Authoritative DNS is a robust and reliable DNS service. With the over-saturation of service providers making it difficult for customers to discern value, what better way to enhance your existing offerings than by providing customers with a premium DNS service.

DNS is a valuable upsell to existing customers

Why will your existing customer base even be interested in purchasing DNS?

  • Enhanced security through DNSSEC
  • Faster website from Premium DNS services
  • Diversifying risks to the end user/domain holder
  • Reduction in site down time for domain holder
  • Reduce costs with less overhead

Site availability and performance can make or break a website.

  • 47% of customers expect a web page to load in under 2 seconds*
  • 40% of shoppers will wait no more than 3 seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site
  • 78% of consumers have switched to a competitor because of slowdowns, errors and transaction problems during peak traffic times
  • 88% are less likely to return to a site after a poor online experience

*Source: Forrester, Gomez

Comodo is Creating Trust Online®
because none of us can realize the full potential of the Internet unless it's a trusted place to interact and conduct business.

Year Established: 1998
Ownership: Private
Employees: over 850

Today, the Comodo family of companies is Creating Trust Online® in over 100 countries with:

  • Over 25 million installations of Comodo PC security software
  • Tens of millions of Internet users interacting and conducting business with the websites, email and other Internet applications that Comodo secures and authenticates
  • Over 200,000 business customers and e-merchants
  • Over seven thousand partners and affiliates working with Comodo to make the Internet more secure and trusted.

US Headquarters:

1255 Broad Street
Clifton, NJ 07013
United States

Other Locations:

Salt Lake City, USA
Manchester, UK
Bradford, UK
Ankara, Turkey
Iasi, Romania
Odessa, Ukraine
Chennai, India
Beijing, China


Comodo is a leading PKI provider and has leveraged this experience into building a manageable DNSSEC implementation. DNSSEC is cryptographic authentication for DNS responses which adds cryptographic signatures to returned DNS answers.

In addition, DNSbyComodo features GeoDNS or origin-based routing, offering the flexibility to direct requests by country, state/province, or city—worldwide! Regions can be assigned multiple responses or IP addresses, allowing users to distribute visitor traffic between multiple servers. Custom geo groups let users target regions that share common language, currency, or other demographics that match business needs.

» dnsbycomodo.com


  • DNSSEC & Active Failover
  • Anycast DNS network
  • Vanity name servers
  • Manage unlimited subdomains
  • Geo-DNS - global traffic management
  • URL forwarding (301, 302, and Frame)
  • Full IPv6 compatibility
  • Secondary DNS/Zone transfers
  • Geo load balancing
  • Easy web-based control panel
  • 99.999% guaranteed uptime SLA
  • Unlimited DNS records
  • Non-bind solution


  • Increase your sales with a faster site
  • Gain critical safety for your domains by reducing DNS-based DDOS attack risks
  • Gain control with point-and-click webbased control
  • Optimum performance with real-time updates


Comodo provides our partners with optimal DNS security solutions that will enable simple DNSSEC and Active Failover (AF) deployment.


Comodo is a leading PKI provider and has leveraged this experience into building a manageable DNSSEC implementation. DNSSEC is cryptographic authentication for DNS responses which adds cryptographic signatures to returned DNS answers. Without DNSSEC it may be very easy to intercept DNS answers - also known as "DNS Pharming" or "DNS Cache Poisoning". DNSSEC resolves this by using cryptography to check and authenticate the validity of each answer.

  • 1-Click DNSSEC
    With 1-click DNSSEC, domain owners will ensure that to their resolver the IP address response they receive has not been manipulated.

  • Layered Security
    With DNSSEC domain owners are adding a layer of security to their domain.

  • Fast Implementation
    With DNSbyComodo's API it is simpler than ever to implement.


Constant Uptime/High Availability
Domain owners can ensure their website remains online. When we see a host becoming unstable we actively replace with your healthy infrastructure via DNS record changes.

Infrastructure Monitoring
DNSbyComodo monitors domain owners web infrastructure 24/7 for disruptions.

Real-Time Notifications
Real-time notifications are delivered to alert users of all events and service returns. Receive notifications via email, SMS, or URL Callback.

Domain Enablement
Purchasing of active failover and domain enablement is API enabled for our partners.


Partners can enable the full DNS feature suite through our APIs, which includes active failover and URL forwards. Comodo provides partners with API documentation, code examples, a sandbox environment and walk-throughs for common practices.

  • SON or XML Export
    We understand that flexibility is required for partners that use a different framework.

  • IXFR or AXFR Transfer
    We support both types of domain transfer via DNS protocol with an existing DNS infrastructure.

  • Domain Migration
    Three APIs including zone transfer, zone file, and bulk import of JSON format.

  • DNSSEC via API Call
    Enable DNSSEC for your domain owners with a single click. Entire DNSSEC lifecycle enablement via API.


Tap into the DNS API and securely and reliably manage Web traffic seamlessly from your custom application or control panel. Our remotely accessible API offers a platform for developers to rapidly deploy 3rd party integrations as well as automate reseller processes.

DNS developed an easy-to-implement API using simple query string arguments for requests and a standardized JSON response for each command. All error messages are returned with a proper HTTP response code and JSON response to correlate with errors. Production API requires SSL for client security and trust of communications. The development of 3rd party integrations is possible through a standalone sandbox/testing environment that is segmented from the production environment.

(Access our API Documentation on GitHub: http://github.com/dnsdotcom/API_DOC/)


*The above figures are an estimate only and we cannot guarantee any nominal return from this program.

Integrate within your control panel through extensive API's.


Feature Bronze Gold Platinum
Resellers Price $ 4.49 p/m $ 7.99 p/m $ 29.99 p/m
Domains 5 unlimited Unlimited
Max Records Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Queries/mo 5 million 10 million 25 million
Web Forwarding No Included Included
Domain Groups No No Included

Overage Charges: Subscriber shall be charged $3.00 per 1,000,000 queries over the alotted max queries/mo.

Add DNS to your product lineup. Ideal for:

  • Internet Service Providers
  • Domain Name Registrars
  • Web Development Companies
  • Web Hosting Providers
  • Registry Operators
  • Interactive Marketing Agencies

Featured Partners

DNS is proud to work closely with each of the following companies in the web hosting, Internet service provider, and domain name industries.