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Increase Your Sales with a Faster Site

State-of-the-art Premium DNS technology is the first step to address performance problems and realize instant gains in operational performance. Our custom anycast network, located across multiple networks and continents, delivers performance levels twice as fast as traditional DNS by directing users transparently to the nearest server for a richer end-user experience.

  • Consistent - Always-on service keeps customers connected with confidence
  • Dependable - A faster website with fewer query drops means more customers stay on your site longer
  • Optimized - Improved resolution time around the world increases the traffic and audience on your site

Critical Safety for your Domains

Denial-of-service attacks can be devastating. They can cost your business money and disrupt your services. A high level of security promotes trust and loyalty among your customers.

Expert-developed proprietary technologies by protect your sites against common DNS vulnerabilities, such as

  • Denial-of-service (DoS)
  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM)
  • Cache poisoning

Optimum Performance with Real-Time Updates

A distributed cloud-based DNS network provides the best environment for the fastest, richest end-user experience. Ensure best-in-class service in your markets by maintaining equally high performance standards globally.

  •'s global server footprint provides optimum usability
  • Keep address resolution close to the client for low latency
  • DNS changes are processed immediately and synced across our 14 nodes worldwide

Point-and-Click Web-Based Control

Work smarter. Easily and centrally manage your DNS with our powerful web-based administrative control center. provides an easy to use online dashboard and API for managing workflows.

You have total control over your domains with advanced customization, including record-level geographic routing and load balancing not found in traditional DNS services. is flexible and compatible and can be used by anyone with a website and domain, regardless of your domain registrar or web hosting platform.

24x7 Responsiveness

Best-in-class technologies such as IP anycast and a non-BIND DNS server deliver the performance required for timely reliable operation, even at high volumes. With one of the highest SLAs in the industry and 24/7 emergency phone and email support for prompt resolution to any issues, we make sure your website never skips a beat.

In just 5 minutes you can start enjoying all of the benefits of a dedicated DNS infrastructure without any of the maintenance. Sign up now!

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